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Application: DPF.116D/118D/316D/318D/X1 2.0TD 11/03-0

Application: DPF.120D/318D/320D/520D/X1 2.0TD 11/03-0

Application: DPF.318D/320D 2.0TD B/BR 01/05-06/12

Application: DPF.118D/120D E87 2.0D H 09/04-12/06 W

Application: KAT.318/20 E46 2.0TDI 16V 02/98-11/03

Application: KAT.318/320 2.0TD H/B/BR/CP 02/98-

Application: KAT.318/320 E46 2.0TDI 16V 09/01-

Application: KAT.316/8/I 8V 05/90-07/96

Application: KAT.X3 E83 2.0TD TT 10/04-

Application: KAT.318/320 E46 2.0TD H/B/BR/CP 09/01-

Application: DPF.X3 E83 2.0TD TT 10/04-

Application: DPF.325D/330D/330XD/X3 3.0TD B/Br/Cb/Cp/TT 01/04-

Application: DPF.X3 2.0TD TT 09/10-

Application: DPF.335D/535D/635D/X3/X5/X6 3.0TD B/Br/Cp/Cb/TT 09/06-

Application: DPF.SIC.X3 E83 2.0TD TT 10/04-

Application: DPF.SIC.325D/330D/330XD/X3 3.0TD B/Br/Cb/Cp/TT 01/04-06/12 W/ KAT

Application: DPF.SIC.X3 2.0TD TT 09/10- W/ KAT

Application: KAT.116i E87/118i E87/318i E90 1.6/2.0i H/B 09/04-

Application: DPF.525D 2.5TD B/Br 06/04-12/10

Application: DPF + Cat BMW

Application: DPF + Cat BMW 320d

Application: DPF AUDI A6

Application: DPF + CAT BMW 116D

Application: DPF BMW 520d

Application: DPF + Cat BMW 520d

Application: DPF + CAT BMW 318D

Application: KAT. BMW


E-commerce maintenance

IMPORTANT: We hereby inform you that our e-commerce catalogue is under maintenance. 
Please contact our sales dpt. 
We apologize for any inconvenience caused. 

New IHI Turbo price list

IMPORTANT: Look at our new prices on IHI Turbos starting from August 12th 2019. 

Extension of DPF and CATALYST range for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles

Available in the category Exhaust system components-elements

Autopromotec 2019

FTS will attend the AUTOPROMOTEC exhibition in Bologna from 22nd to 26th May 2019:
Visit us: HALL 18 STAND A 34
For more information, please contact:

Veneporte: NEW at the same price of regenerated

Available in the category Exhaust system components-elements. Buy now

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